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Our Eyes Were Made To See Victory

Life is filled with many kinds of challenges and opposition, but as believers in Christ, we have been equipped with advantages. And these advantages prove to be the difference between believers (Christian) verses non-believers. One difference is “position” and the other difference is “vision” – what we see with our spiritual eyes. The fact is that both believers and non-believers face opposition, yet Christians are the only ones that are equipped to navigate all challenges from a position of a promised victory. So, believers should be able to see their obstacles disappear as they seek God in the midst of all challenges. And as true believers in Christ Jesus, we should know that our eyes are set to view all issues from a position that does not fight for the victory; rather we fight from a position of victory. As such, we (Believers) fight with the extreme confidence of a faithful overcomer, because our eyes were made to see victory.

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